Facts About Medical CBD and Hemp

If you are considering some alternative medical or mental treatments, you’ve probably noted Medical CBD oil and hemp. Maybe you’ve seen it on commercials or heard from people around you. CBD has become more and more popular all around the world. But how to use CBD oil? And what it is exactly? How different is it from THC? Is it legal?

It looks like CBD is everywhere but still there is so much you don’t know about it. Here is a small guide for the current and potential users with the most important facts about medical CBD and hemp. Let’s dig in!

CBD can be extracted from both hemp and marijuana

But it will work the same!

Some users mistakenly think that marijuana CBD is more potent than CBD extracted from hemp. But a molecule of CBD from hemp is just the same as a CBD molecule from marijuana.

When cannabidiol is isolated from the plant, it contains less than 0.3% of THC and it doesn’t cause the feeling of being “stoned”. However, diverse sorts of cannabis can contain diverse amounts of cannabidiol and that’s why you should always consult your doctor to determine the right dose.

It won’t produce “high”

One of the most common myths is that CBD (cannabidiol) isn’t psychoactive. The truth is: it affects your brain and in that sense, it’s definitely psychoactive, but, at the same time, is non-intoxicating and it won’t produce “high.” “High” is always the result of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that binds to special receptors in the brain, unlike CBD. Cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system and directly impacts CB1 receptors which are responsible for your serotonin level.

So, let’s underline it: cannabidiol is non-intoxicating and it doesn’t have serious side effects. It’s safe to use, even when it comes to seniors, children and pets! Its users won’t get “stoned” but it might help them release the stress, general anxiety and much more.

When extracted from hemp CBD is legal

Cannabis is only legal in several states, but the industrial hemp is legal everywhere. With its low level of THC, this plant doesn’t fall under the same regulations, which means that consumers can freely choose CBD as a natural supplement without any worry.

Can be consumed in many forms

The most popular CBD products come as: oils, cosmetics, gummies, chocolate, etc. but you can also consume it through cocktails and coffees and so much more. Do a small research and find your perfect form or delicious recipes.

Hemp seed is a great supplement

Many substitutes on the market have unknown cancer-causing chemicals, but hemp is organic which makes it better than many supplements. It’s also the perfect container of tocopherols - Vitamin E antioxidants and its seeds are full of micro-elements such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium, thorium, and chromium.

In the kitchen, it’s usually used in salad dressing as olive oil, but cannabidiol can be used in smoothies, shakes, and yogurt. There are plenty ideas out there!

It’s not proven that hemp oil can cure cancer

Some people think about it as a cancer-fighting medicament but it isn’t actually proven that CBD oil can cure cancer. It can be a part of an anti-cancer diet for sure. But the medical community is still exploring the anti-cancer use of cannabidiol.

No doubts that CBD has significant medical value

CBD hemp oil side effects are rare and mild. Although it’s not proven that it can fight cancer, it’s an absolutely promising category in the therapeutic industry. CBD has a serious medical value based on a lot of research. It helps with inflammation, headaches, epilepsy, chronic and acute pain, and many other health conditions.

Research suggests that cannabidiol might be better for inflammation and neuropathic pain, while micro-dosing THC might have a greater impact on spasticity and cramp-related pain. And for those who are ok with the side effects of THC and who can find it legally, experts suggest a combination of THC and CBD as more effective for treating pain.

Benefits the mind

Besides your body, cannabidiol can help your mind as well. As we mentioned, studies have shown that CBD is helpful when it comes to general anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, insomnia.

It’s great for your skin too

Due to the high content of omega 3 fatty acids placed in hemp seeds, hemp oil is an excellent natural emollient and moisturizer. Whether your skin is dry or tired, hemp oil will help with its humidity and elasticity.

You can buy it online

Finally, online stores offer almost anything that we can find in real life. And you can buy lots of medical CBD and hemp products online.

As providers, we must say that depending on your needs, you shouldn't start adding CBD into your routine without consulting health care providers. We suggest making a small research and taking a look at our shop here. For more information, feel free to contact us! We’ll be more than happy to answer your concerns and help you choose the right products.