Nuns Believing in the Healing Power of CBD Oil, Sell CBD Products

A group of nuns in California, USA is making an estimated $1.1 million a year by selling CBD oil to aid various disorders and ailments. Not only are they getting more productive and prosperous, but their convent also claimed to have cured eight people of addiction.

Sounds pretty amazing, isn’t it? The very enterprising nuns turned their convent into a factory and processing plant for their excellent CBD oil products. They started in 2011 with just 12 plants in the Merced County of California.

The convent was named Sisters of the Valley and was founded by Sister Kate Meeusen and her community aims to increase business operations. Their CBD oil products range from salves to oils, and they claimed to have cured disorders and diseases like epilepsy and cancer, including eight people who were addicted to alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.

Sister Kate Meeusen claimed to have a 100% success rate in the eight people they have tested and worked with. She used to be a corporate executive before becoming a hemp mogul, and farming hemp to turn out CBD oil products from them. For her, it’s a wonderfully healing plant and strongly believes in its healing features. She also believes that the world is opening up to the idea of legal hemp, a cannabis strain, as a medicine, rather than as a dangerous drug.

CBD oil products

To aid in their plans for the expansion of their medical CBD oil empire, they are hiring the services of a filmmaker to produce a documentary on their business. They have a long term vision and strategy for their lucrative enterprise that stretches as long as 20 years.

The documentary features the nuns growing the hemp plant and manufacturing the CBD oil.

It’s entitled, “Breaking Habits”, directed by Rob Ryan, a British filmmaker. The film also examines the history and survival of the community of sisters who cultivate weed.

Sister Kate Meeusen, 60 years old, says she’s seen the film so many times and she’s sick of it and didn’t like it but others like it and so she is happy about it.

The film also shows how the nuns struggled against the “white man rule” including the villainous sheriff and black-market thieves.

Part of their expansion plan is to use every enclave in town and province in the next 20 years. Hollywood would also be an essential component as it is their voice to the world. They’re also planning on doing cartoon films that are political in nature.

Sister Kate Meeusen, and her community of nuns are also fighting other evils on the side, besides growing weed and manufacturing the CBD oil. They are protesting the ecclesiastic privilege currently enjoyed by the clergy. The privilege allows the abuses of some of the members of the church to go unreported.

The nuns want every clergy-person, elder, priest, pastor, and nun to report any abuse they witnessed just as every teacher, police officer, and nurses are required to do so. They must not hide behind their sacred code of protecting one another anymore, Sister Kate Meeusen says.

They first sold their products on Etsy in 2016 but were kicked out from the eCommerce platform for violating their drug policy. They built their website instead. The Sister of the Valley shipped their products across many state lines under a 2004 ruling that exempt hemp from DEA regulation.

Their manufacturing practice is unique in that they say they infuse their products with healing powers through a series of religious rituals, and that they start producing their CBD oil products starting from the new moon to the full moon.

The company is not always profitable, though. Some of their profits were tied to credit card processing and banking. Due to the nature of their business which is considered high-risk, the banks have the right to hold significant chunks of their money for a very long time. Moreover, there’s the cost of security and maintenance of the property, which takes a piece from their profit.

The Sisters of the Valley are also setting their eyes on Canada, which has a booming legal weed market.

Medical CBD Oil (cbdMD), as an organisation, fully supports the efforts of the Sisters of Valley on pushing their way to educate people about the healing benefits of CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. May they succeed even further on producing high-quality CBD products.