Gluten-free CBD veggie capsules

CBD Veggie Capsules 25mg/30qty – 750mg CBD Oil Isolate

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Benefits of Using CBD Veggie Capsules

Get a little help climbing up the food pyramid with our CBD Veggie Capsules. With a healthy dose of vegetable cellulose combined with 25mg of CBD oil Isolate per capsule, you can get the calming, pain relieving benefits of CBD oil with pure vegetable nutrients. We recommend taking our gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO capsules once a day, preferably with a meal, for maximum effects. All natural and organic, taking our capsules is an easy way to supplement your health. At 30 capsules per bottle, be sure to stock up every month for the best results. This product features:

  • 25mg of CBD Isolate per capsule
  • Isolate is 99.9% pure CBD
  • vegetable power
  • pain relief
  • relaxation benefits