Energy boost CBD oral spray

Energy Boost CBD Oral Spray 8ml – 52mg CBD Oil

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Detail About Energy Boost CBD Oral Spray

Don’t you hate it when you hit the afternoon slump? When you feel like you’re dragging through the day and no amount of coffee will do, our Energy Boost CBD Oil Oral Spray is the stuff for the job. Oral spray absorbs quickly, so you’ll notice renewed energy in seconds. There’s no better, safer, or faster way to get the benefits of CBD oil into your system as efficiently or effectively. With 52mg of pure CBD oil per bottle, our oral spray has a refreshing fruit fusion flavor that not only tastes great but also enhances your ability to think clearly and perform your best. Simply spray up the six sprays into the mouth daily or as desired. For best results, spray under the tongue, then hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. If the spray nozzle becomes clogged, run under warm water. This product features

  • 52mg of 99% pure CBD oil
  • natural energy booster
  • yummy fruit fusion flavor
  • fast absorption
  • easy to use on-the-go portability