Discover the Key Differences & Similarities Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

These days people confuse CBD oil for Hemp oil, and vice versa albeit they belong to the same plant family - Cannabis Sativa.

Now, you may think that both Hemp and Cannabidiol oils are the same with cannabis oil - that they are just “rebranded” to become accepted by the general market.

The truth is, cannabis oil, also known as hash oil, is significantly different between the CBD and Hemp oils - one most significant factor that sets them apart from cannabis oil is the tetrahydrocannabinol content.

The chemical composition of THC found in CBD oil and Hemp oil

This is the chemical composition of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, is the chemical component that affects the psychological activity of anyone who consumes cannabis products. In essence, it usually results in the euphoric high that is felt by Marijuana users.

For instance, a Marijuana dab which is usually at half a gram can contain 230mg of THC - this can reach up to 70%.

On the other hand, if you consume a Marijuana joint which is usually less than half a gram, you may be able to get about 45mg of THC, and that’s around 20%.

Lastly, if you pack a standard-sized Marijuana bowl which is typically a quarter gram of THC bud, you can get about 38mg of THC which is at 18%.

And according to the research of the Federation of American Scientists, about 1% THC can already have an intoxicating level or psychotropic effect.

Now, the good thing is that Hemp and CBD oils only contain around 0.3% of THC, which is far from being psychologically harmful than their cannabis oil counterpart.

Now that we’ve clarified that Hemp and Cannabidiol oils are totally different from cannabis oil, let’s talk about CBD oil vs Hemp oil.

Let’s get started.

Hemp seeds, source of CBD oil

People keep asking questions about whether Hemp oil contains CBD oil. Some manufacturers even confuse Hemp oil products for CBD oil ones. There are significant differences between the two, and it is essential to distinguish between CBD and Hemp oil products. We will discuss below what sets Cannabidiol oil and Hemp oil apart as well as their similarities.

Let’s start with the basics.

What is CBD Oil?

Although both Hemp oil and CBD oil come from the same plant, they come from different parts of the Cannabis sativa - commonly, the industrial Hemp.

CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil, in particular, is extracted from the stalks, flowers, and leaves of the plant - CBD oil is specifically rich in non-active cannabinoids which means that they are non-psychoactive compounds, unlike their THC counterpart, which is also a cannabinoid.

The cannabinoid compound in CBD oil is particularly popular in the holistic wellness field. The primary function of Cannabidiol oil is to regulate our endocannabinoid system - this controls our internal balance. CBD oil is famous for fighting anxiety, stress, epilepsy, pain, and many other physical and mental distress.

CBD Oil Benefits List

Cannabidiol oil is famous for its analgesic effects or pain-relieving abilities - it is known for relieving muscle aches and joint pain as well as soothe migraines or typical headaches.

Also, CBD oil has powerful anti-inflammatory effects that help in diminishing symptoms of auto-immune diseases.

Other CBD oil benefits include:

  • Regulating biological functions such as appetite
  • Improves hormonal balance
  • Helps in achieving better mood
  • Helps fight sleep disorders
  • Boosts immune system

Uses for Cannabidiol Oil

If you decide to utilise CBD oil and extract its wellness benefits, you can commonly take it orally. Some people also prefer to mix a few drops to their coffee or tea, while others smoke Cannabidiol oil with their vape or chew it with their gums.

Also, an increasing population of pet lovers give CBD oil to their pets and some mix it with their companion animals’ pet treats because Cannabidiol oil is known to calm pets during anxious or stressful situations such as travelling.

The cosmetic industry has also found CBD oil to be great for the skin - this is why some skincare products such as body lotions and face creams include Cannabidiol oil in their ingredients.

Also, if you want to get the maximum benefits of CBD oil, a full spectrum and organic Cannabidiol is your best option. 

CBD oil in a dropper

What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil or hemp seed oil, on the other hand, is extracted from hemp seeds alone and is commonly produced through a method called “cold pressing” which is similar to the process when creating sunflower seed oil or jojoba oil.

The cold pressing method helps preserve all the nutritious contents of the seeds. Hemp oil contains little to no psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC. So, yes, hemp oil contains trace amounts of CBD.

Hemp Oil Benefits

Also, a few hemp oil benefits include its richness in nutrients, including protein, magnesium, and polyunsaturated acids. Hemp oil also contains both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to the human diet.

Another benefit that can be derived from Hemp oil is its high vitamin E content. Thus, this makes hemp oil ideal for cosmetic products because vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from free radicals.

Other hemp oil benefits include:

  • Helps in improving skin elasticity
  • Deep hydration of super dry skin
  • Strengthens nails
  • Moisturises skin without clogging pores
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Provides a more supple skin complexion

Uses for Hemp Oil

Just like it’s CBD oil counterpart, Hemp oil is also widely preferred in the beauty industry - heaps of beauty products such as hair care, face and body lotions as well as other skincare products have Hemp oil in their ingredients.

Also, the influence of Hemp oil reaches to the kitchen - gourmet foods and even home-cooked meals such as marinades and salad dressings are commonly mixed with Hemp oil, often in low heat cooking.

Now, if you want to get the best quality Hemp oil, choose one that is organic, pure, and cold-pressed.

hemp oil applied directly on the skin as skincare product

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